Time only exists so not everythins happens at once | 2017

Similar to our senses, media like photography translate incoming pulses into a visual re­presentation. Normally a photograph is equivalent to what we consider as reality. Our reality is subjected to several parameters like time and scale. When one of these para­meters change, the same reality appears different. This is shown in Time Only Exists So Not Everything Happens At Once. Time observation is extended, therefore the exposed silk visualises another possible form of reality. Contrary to a conventional photograph wherein time is identical to our perception of time.

By looking how I could make the invisible visible and the unknown parts of reality more tangible, I created an instrument that captures the intensity of the solar cycle.

The light sensitive treated silk moves slowly from one axis to the other. During this process the UV-light is being captured on the exposed tensed fabric. You can see this instrument as an enlarged version of a film that turns through a camera. The result of a day shows a piece of 240 cm exposed silk. All the changes in the weather and different intensity of the sun are visualized in the blue tones.